Pod of the Month: Hawaiian Hazelnut

Nothing says summer quite like a palm tree paradise. One of our favorite blends, Hawaiian Hazelnut features soft hazelnut flavors paired with a clean, light roast coffee, perfect for even the hottest days. Try adding a tropical twist to some standard drinks with these recipes...

Nutella Latte (recipe hack version)


  • One Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee pod
  • A cup full of ice
  • A splash of chocolate syrup

This is our simplified, faux version of a Nutella Latte. Brew one Hawaiian Hazelnut pod into a large glass full of ice. Once coffee has brewed, pour in a chocolate syrup to taste, stir, and enjoy! 

Hazelnut Affogato 


  • One Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee pod
  • Two scoops of coconut ice cream
  • A bit of shaved coconut and crushed hazelnut

We have had a bit of an affogato obsession this summer, but can you blame us? What is better than coffee and ice cream? Not much. For tropical version, brew one small cup of Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee and set aside. Put two scoops of coconut ice cream (or another flavor!) into a bowl and garnish with shaved coconut and crushed hazelnut. Pour coffee on top and serve. 

Hawaiian Hazelnut

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